Finance Your Soft-Story Retrofit

If you own a building in Southern California that is impacted by your county's mandatory Soft-Story Retrofit Program, have you considered your loan options to complete retrofitting?

The purpose of the retrofit program is to ensure that your building is safe in the event of an earthquake. However, securing the financing to complete retrofitting can be challenging. The Apartment Bank retrofit lending experts can provide you with the loan you need to make sure your building complies with retrofit requirements.

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Experts in Retrofit Loans

Apartment Bank offers a personalized approach to retrofit lending that allows us to secure financing that others can’t match.

Individual Service

By understanding your circumstances and the unique requirements of your county's mandatory Soft-Story Retrofit Program, we're able to identify mitigating factors to help accomplish your required retrofit.

Fast Execution

Our lending process allows for rapid execution and quicker closing times – enabling you to begin your Soft-Story Retrofit improvements sooner.


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